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Client Services: An Overview

Michelson & Associates, Inc. does not charge for an initial consultation or proposal formulation. We provide clients written proposals stating the specific project objectives, research methods, proposed sample sizes and segments, research schedule and total cost.

Following data collection and reporting, we will put our extensive strategic planning experience into action and collect information our clients can then put to work.

Strategic Planning

Michelson & Associates, Inc.’s strategic planning capability is the key to our service. When a marketer’s store is not performing as expected, and all avenues have been exhausted, that’s where Michelson & Associates, Inc. comes in to focus on strategic solutions through sound research.

Every business must continually ask:
"How are we doing?" and "How can we do better?"

Our objective is to gain insight into our client’s customers and prospects habits, desires, opinions and attitudes which will provide companies with profitable perspectives.

From the initial project design through interpretation, we take the time to clearly understand a client’s history, present situation and future objectives. Then, based on the information we gather, we develop specific plans to reach our client’s specific objectives.

The scope of our experience in strategic planning includes:

Target market identification
Market positioning
Advertising copy testing
New product and service development
Site selection
Media and creative strategy
Sales and management strategy

Project Management

Michelson & Associates, Inc. works with research suppliers throughout the world. These suppliers provide services such as focus group facilities and mall intercept interviewing. We coordinate their efforts and manage each project to ensure quality, cost control and timeliness.

We can complete most projects within 30-45 days. From "instant" research to year-long tracking studies, Michelson & Associates, Inc. understands the importance of timely reporting on each and every project.

However, in marketing research, timeliness is not as important as accuracy and quality. Often, rushing can lead to mistakes which can produce the wrong information. That’s why we verify all information through a quality control system, ensuring that any errors are caught and corrected before results are published. Because, foresight is less expensive than hindsight.

Statistical Sampling

We believe the value of information determines the sample requirements. According to statistical tables, a random sample of 384 respondents will yield 95% confidence, and 100 respondents will yield 90%. These confidence margins will apply to most populations from 1,000 to 240 million, the error is always ± 2.5% or 5% respectively. However, more important than sample size is the methodology used in gathering samples and quantitative information.

In designing projects, we typically combine several methods of gathering data. This helps to decrease overall sample sizes and costs without sacrificing the credibility of the information.

This methodology also provides a multidimensional perspective on the situation while adding a check/balance validity to the overall project.

Data Analysis

Michelson & Associates, Inc. is equipped to handle even the toughest data management needs. Our advanced computer network enables us to tabulate data for quick and easy analysis. Our integrated systems feature 12 PowerPC computers, 3 Pentium MMX computers, 4 HP LaserJet printers, 2 HP Color printers and a full range of the most advanced software. We are compatible with MS DOS, Macintosh and anything saved in a tab-separated text file.

Our relational database and spreadsheet programs can handle projects of any size from mini-projects to up to several billion bits of data. Once all data has been encoded, valid statistic interpretations, cross tabulations and graphic reporting can be tailored to meet a company’s specific needs.

Our specialized data analysis software allows for cross tabulation of any variables with unlimited banners and a full range of statistical applications. The flexibility of the software enables analysis from an unlimited combination of segments, groups or variables.

Graphic Presentation and Reporting

Michelson & Associates, Inc. provides descriptive statistics presented in easy to read charts and graphs. Our final reports are written in plain English. We list the data taken directly from surveys and present the answers in the most concise, logical format possible.

Each report lists the research objectives, methodology, executive summary and key findings. Answers for each question are easily found with our simple question-answer format. For each question we provide comparisons between key segments, rankings by preferences or performance, or simple verbatim comments from the respondents.

When it comes to presentations, we are flexible.
According to our client’s needs, we can either present our findings in an informal discussion or we can produce color charts and graphs on slides or overheads for impactful group presentations. Our in-house graphics department can also produce graphically enhanced custom presentations including client logo treatments and industry specific artwork . Group reports and presentations are also available on request.

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