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Case Studies
Major Automobile Manufacturer – New Image-Identity/Facility Design Study

The Problem: A major automobile manufacturer came to Michelson & Associates, Inc. with showroom/facility problems. Their current look was old and tired. Customers were put off by their unappealing showrooms. Existing floor plans with sales people in cubicles was not conducive to a friendly sales environment. Service areas were in the back, making customers uncomfortable. They needed a complete facility facelift, one that matched the manufacturer’s brand identity.

The Methods: Focus Groups were used to show pictures/renderings/concepts for new overall look and feel of redesigned showroom/facility. Feedback from panels helped us develop a completely new, sleeker look that fit the image of the cars being sold, as well as make the showroom friendlier and more inviting to customers. Service Center’s were moved to the front of all facilities, while the sales force was taken out of cubicles and into a more inviting, open floor plan.

The Positive Results: We helped the manufacturer design a newer, sleeker facility that reflected the type of cars being sold. This resulted in better customer loyalty/retention. Sales increased. Service business increased dramatically as well.

Increase Membership Retention For Leading Warehouse Club

The Problem: A leading warehouse club came to Michelson & Associates, Inc. with a problem regarding membership retention.

The Methods: Focus Groups were used to talk to current members to find out what the problems were. Members revealed several things they didn’t like about the current warehouse:

No aisle signage made for too much walking to find items they wanted
Didn’t like the bland look, lack of color throughout store
Shopping experience wasn’t very appealing

The Positive Results:
From the input gathered from customers, our warehouse client changed their existing logo, added color and aisle signage. As a result:

Renewal of memberships increased 200%
New Memberships and sales also increased significantly

Web Site Redesign For Fortune 400 Consumer Products Company

The Problem: A leading Fortune 400 Company came to Michelson & Associates, Inc. for a new look/redesign of their existing web site, in order to attract more consumers and offer new services.

The Methods: Through Focus Groups/Usability Studies, we determined people’s preferences regarding :

Look & feel of site
Personalization features, links/ icons (what they liked, did not like)

In addition, we helped to improve:
Ease of use
Site navigation
Overall flow

The Positive Results:
The input gathered helped develop a web site that was easier for people to use and navigate. Consumers found it more user friendly, which boosted public opinion and customer loyalty. As a result, the web site enhanced the overall corporate image and identity of this Fortune 400 Company.

Global Study Regarding New Design of Home Computer Systems

The Problem: A Fortune 400 Computer Manufacturer came to Michelson & Associates, Inc. wanting to increase market share through a total redesign of their home computer systems.

The Methods: Focus Groups/Surveys were used to show renderings/prototypes to people around the world:

We showed various groups:
Different looks/ styles

Reviewed Overall Form Factor:

We listened to consumers around the globe -- US, Canada, Germany, France, England, Australia, China and Japan. We targeted specific demographics of men, women & teens to determine exactly what people wanted, liked, and disliked in home computer systems.

The Positive Results: As a result, we helped this computer manufacturer develop a totally new, updated computer design that reflected what consumers wanted in a home computer. We came up with a new look making their product more desirable, which better represents their brand and is unique in the market place. These redesigned computers helped to revolutionize the appearance of home computer systems as we know them today.

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