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Who Are Michelson & Associates' Mystery Shoppers?
Michelson & Associates, Inc. has over 80,000 qualified
mystery shoppers nationwide.

We qualify, train and manage our shoppers to gather factual information and provide objective observations based on their experiences on the front line. Qualified candidates references, education, income and professional backgrounds are carefully evaluated by our field management team.

Our field reps range from 21 to 70 years of age with the majority being women between the ages of 30 and 45. Our shoppers can be pre-selected based on specific client criteria such as; demographics, type of car, shopping habits, etc.

See map of Michelson & Associates, Inc.
for field rep coverage.

For Information on becoming
a mystery shopper – click here

Michelson & Associates, Inc. currently employs over 80,000 field representatives nationwide that provide front line information. They are the eyes and ears for our client's projects. Our associates are independently contracted all across North America, from Alaska to Puerto Rico. We have qualified field representatives available for any field project: -- from Mystery Shopping and SiteSurveys to TeleSurveys and more.

Our field representatives are independent contractors who are carefully screened through a thorough application process. We advertise daily in newspapers and on-line for people who would be interested in becoming a field representatives. Many of our field reps come to Michelson & Associates, Inc. by referral.

All Michelson & Associates, Inc. field
representatives have a detailed application
on file in our database which specifies their
education, occupation, demographics,
purchasing habits and references.

All field representatives are pre-qualified and trained for each assignment. For instance, when the assignment calls for purchasing eye glasses, we select only those representatives who wear glasses and would like to buy a new pair. If shoppers are required to purchase a men's suit, we use our representatives who wear men's suits at least 3 days a week, etc.

68% of our representatives are women with annual household incomes of over $50,000. Their average age is 34 and 72% have attended college. Over 30% are professional researchers who work full-time for other research companies.

The main benefits of our own field representative
network is the quality control and fast turn-around
time we can provide in getting projects completed.

We can provide 24 hour service if necessary, however, most of our field projects are completed within thirty days. Our attention to detail in matching the right field representative to the right project helps our clients gain a focused, objective perspective on front line activity.

The positive effects of using our mystery shopping program:

Lets employees know what is important when dealing with customers.
Provides evaluation criteria to score individual performance.
Motivates employees to provide excellent service at all times, with all customers.
Ensures objective analysis of store and employee performance.
Improves telephone performance with all employees.
Helps identify small problems before they become big problems.

Tips For Making The Most of Your Mystery Shopping Reports:

Let employees see the evaluation form before the program begins. Post it on the bulletin boards where they will see it every day.
Top management should be involved in promoting the program.
Dramatize and publicize all on-the-spot incentive programs.
Include Mystery Shopping information in company newsletters.
Remind employees that any customer could be the Mystery Shopper.
When the reports come back to your store, share the report with the employee who was evaluated. If the report was good, share it with everyone on staff.
Keep the report on file to compare with future reports.
Understand that everyone has a bad day, however, no one should consistently score low on these reports.
Let employees know that this program is for their benefit. It is not intended to catch them doing anything wrong, but rather to help reward them for doing things right.
Involve employees in setting their own customer service objectives.
Offer an additional bonus for managers whose stores do exceptionally well, consistently, on all their shopping reports.

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