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Focus Group Services
Michelson & Associates, Inc. has experience conducting focus groups around the globe. From China and Japan to Europe and Australia, we can handle all of your focus group needs, including:

Recruiting Participants
Providing Top Notch Moderators
Coordiante things from start to finish
Handle translation needs
Provide Fast Turnaround/Results

Michelson & Associates, Inc. can manage your focus group sessions from start to finish. Each Focus Group project can be organized and completed within a short time frame. Our usual turnaround on a Focus Group project is less than 30 days.

Since 1984, Michelson & Associates, Inc. has conducted consumer and business-to-business Focus Group sessions including topics as diverse as:

Retail positioning
Facility and product design
Consumer perceptions of grocery stores
Apartment community development
Teen smoking
Advertising testing
Educational needs of recently diagnosed cancer patients
Linen in the healthcare environment
Surgical techniques and methods
......….Just to name a few.

Michelson & Associates, Inc.'s professional moderators have extensive experience in group interviewing and qualitative analysis. Our experience with consumer and professional groups is based on working with many of the world's leading organizations and corporations including:

Wal-Mart Stores
The American Cancer Society
General Motors
Morningstar Mutual Funds
Wachovia Bank
Dun & Bradstreet
......….And many more.

We have the flexibility to use any type of facility for meetings. Our association network contacts enable us to schedule specialized focus group facilities and recruiting services anywhere in the United States. Live video conferencing is available from most major markets in North America, which allows our clients to view the sessions from their corporate offices.

Focus Group Costs:

Focus Group costs can be divided into the following categories:

Recruitment - (the process of getting participants to come to a session)

Ranges from $75-$150 per recruit based on difficulty of recruit.
i.e.: Professionals=$150, Students=$75.

Incentives for participants
- (paying participants for their time)

Similar to recruitment - average cost= $75/participant
Again, this will vary according to difficulty of recruit.
i.e.: Professionals=$150, Students=$75.

Facility & Refreshments

Focus Group facility rental averages $500-$600/group
A facility will allow for client viewing through a 2-way mirror
For sessions in hotels or offices, closed circuit television viewing is available
Refreshments and meals are typically provided for both clients and respondents
Client meals can vary from a deli tray to an elegant buffet depending on the client's needs
Participant meal cost average $100-$150. Client meal average cost is $25-$35 per person

Moderation / Consultation / Management

Consultation, study design and topline summary report - $1,150-$1,250/group
Video taping - $100-$150/group (stationery camera)
Verbatim Transcript - $250-$350/group (edited and summarized)
Reporting- $150/hour - 4 hour minimum
Travel is considered a reimbursable expense.
Required meeting time is billed at $150/hour.
Average cost range per Focus Group session $4,500 - $7,500 (depending on complexity)

Frequent applications of Focus Groups:

Exploring opinions, attitudes and preferences about products / services and the purchase and use of those products / services
Understanding consumer emotions regarding purchase decisions
Searching for questions, vocabulary, and perceptions of buyers and users of a product category
Analyzing target consumer reaction to copy and advertising methods
Exploring customer/prospect reaction to new product/service concepts
Formulating hypotheses that can be tested with quantitative surveys

The Benefits of Focus Groups

Allows respondents to express detailed feelings, opinions and attitudes
It's possible to ask "What if..." questions
Discover consumers hidden feelings and motives
Focus Groups are economical
It's possible to use visual or audio props in a Focus Group study
Participants give immediate reactions
Clients can learn what consumers "out there" really think
Offers the client immediate contact with current and prospective customers
Focus Groups can help guide marketers in providing better goods and services

How To Get The Most Out of a Focus Group Project:

Arrange for key management to attend and actively use the information
Involve key management in deciding objectives and topics for group discussions
Segment and qualify group participants
Offer a proper incentive for participants to attend and verify recruiting at least three times
Use pre-discussion questionnaires to gather basic information such as demographics and other non-discussion questions
Use props and audio visual aids when possible
Use written exercises within the groups to break up the pace and capture unbiased preferential information
Check audio and video clarity during course of discussion
Make sure there are plenty of refreshments for both the participants and the clients. (M&M's should always be plentiful in focus groups)

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