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Mystery Shopping
It costs twenty times more to attract a new customer than it does to keep an existing one. Each year millions of dollars are spent on advertising and marketing to attract new customers. And whether or not these products and services actually get sold depends on how they're presented on the front line.

In today's marketplace, with increased competition, customers often look to other companies when they are not satisfied.

The leading cause of dissatisfaction
among consumers is usually poor customer service.

How can the leading companies of tomorrow
successfully promote excellent customer service?

The best way to measure a service experience is to use
Mystery Shopping.

"What gets measured, gets done." - Tom Peters

What Is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery Shopping is a research method used to gather information on the front line. With a Mystery Shopping program, companies can establish customer service guidelines and monitor as well as reward excellent performance. This vital information helps determine what happens to your prospects when they call or visit your company.

Michelson & Associates, Inc. custom designs shopping programs based on each client's specific training program. Mystery Shopping can be used as a marketing and training tool to help ensure that a company's service and operational objectives are being carried out on the front line. Many companies use Mystery Shopping to award incentives in conjunction with their marketing program to increase the effectiveness of a sale.

When an incentive is offered for meeting several basic objectives, a Mystery Shopping program can be a powerful tool for motivating sales and service people. The criteria for getting an award should be based on meeting several basic customer service or sales objectives. When an employee meets these service or sales objectives, our field representatives will identify themselves and present an on-the-spot award.

For best results, management and employees should know they're going to be evaluated by a mystery shopper, but they shouldn't know who the shopper is or when they will be shopped. This helps to ensure that each prospect and visitor will receive prompt and friendly service -- which should lead to more satisfied customers and repeat business.

Why Choose Michelson & Associates for Your Mystery Shopping?

All Michelson & Associates, Inc. Mystery Shopping projects are customized to meet the special needs of each individual client. We offer the flexibility to design specific shopping scenarios for each round of shopping, or for each location. At Michelson & Associates, Inc. we offer several types of Mystery Shopping services, which include:

Customer Service Evaluations - measure and reward good customer service
TeleChecks – recorded or non-recorded calls to stores to evaluate telephone usage
Competition Shops - evaluate and compare main competitors
Operations Evaluations - determine if operation standards are being followed
Security Checks - determines if procedures are being followed correctly.

We tabulate all data and present results in easy to read graphs for every project. We can also produce customized reports for each market, region, division, quarterly trend and/or total overall performance.

With Michelson & Associates, Inc. your Mystery Shopping project will be carried out in a timely manner. Our worldwide network of shoppers allows us to tackle all kinds of Mystery Shopping projects around the globe.

The costs involved in Mystery Shopping:

Michelson & Associates, Inc. Mystery Shopping rates are based on the specific expected volume and frequency requirements of each assignment. Typically, flat rates are provided based on a per shop rate which include consultation, planning, shopping, purchasing, tabulating, travel, shipping and written reports.

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For a specific quote on obtaining Mystery Shopping services
for your company, please click here.

Michelson & Associates, Inc.
Mystery Shopping Services
For a quote on a customized Mystery Shopping program,
call Mark Michelson @ 516-576-1188
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